Fairfax High School

Upcoming Events

  • Wed, Feb 21:  Pre-Performance Assessment Concert – FHS Auditorium, 7:00pm
  • Sat, Feb 24:  All-Virginia Orchestra Auditions – JMU, all day
  • Thurs-Sat, Mar 15-17: VBODA Performance Assessment – Westfield High School, TBA
  • Thurs-Sat, Apr 5-7: All Virginia Orchestra @ James Madison University
  • Fri, Apr 13: Solo & Ensemble Festival @ Liberty MS
  • Thur, May 24: Spring Concert – FHS Auditorium, 7:00pm
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Gerald Fowkes
Director of Orchestras

Fairfax High School

María José Padmore
FHS Orchestra Boosters 


The Fairfax High School Orchestra Department is comprised of five orchestral ensembles. 

Chamber Orchestra

Concert Orchestra

Intermediate Orchestra

This is the premier orchestral ensemble at Fairfax. This ensemble performs VBODA grade 6 literature. This ensemble is both a String Orchestra and a Full Symphonic Orchestra. All techniques from Concert Orchestra are addressed and further developed in this ensemble. This is a rigorous class with a high expectation for home practicing.​​
This class is an advanced ensemble performing VBODA grade 5-6 literature. Students can expect to have outside-of-class expectations beyond the regular concert schedule. Students in this ensemble have mastered basic techniques. All techniques from Intermediate Orchestra are addressed and further developed here. Daily home practice is expected.

This class, while an intermediate level class is more advanced than the String Ensemble. VBODA grade 4 music is our repertoire. Advanced techniques, including exploration of upper register pitches, advanced bowing styles and musicality along with tone production are addressed here. Daily home practice is expected.

String Ensemble

Beginning Orchestra

This class performs music at the VBODA grade 3-4 level. Students continue to reinforce good posture habits and focus on tone production. Daily home practice is expected.
Students develop skills as individual musicians and as members of a musical group. Guidance will be given by the instructor in the selection of an instrument. Course content includes beginning level technical and ensemble skills necessary for performance. Some performance opportunities are provided. Students must meet both the school day and outside of the school day participation requirements to receive credit for the course.